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Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM)

Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM)


The business world, as well as the private milieu, is exposed to increasing threats of information leakage. One of the most widespread threats in this area is that of eavesdropping. The field of eavesdropping is complex, and makes use of the most modern technology on the market – no longer simply bugging a telephone line, but rather use of computerized technological equipment and a variety of complex methods of listening in.

Shafran’s method of checking for eavesdropping includes the following stages:

  • Risk evaluation analysis – Learning the area before performing the checks, to identify weak points and evaluate potential risks.
  • Prioritization of risks/threats – This analysis enables performance of the Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) check, which is tailored to the client’s needs and requirements and is performed with the appropriate equipment.
  • Analysis of potential adversaries – Study and analysis of the capabilities of potential adversaries, according to the local market and to past events.
  • Performance of TSCM checks, by means of computerized technological equipment – Shafran uses the most modern and advanced equipment available on the market today – equipment that is used by military and intelligence organizations the world over. The TSCM equipment used by Shafran is varied in nature, so that the checks can be tailored to the client’s needs and to the threats to which the client is exposed.
  • Physical checks which supplement the computerized ones.


Shafran has a skilled team that performs these checks, specializing in responding to the threat inherent in information leakage and detection of hostile eavesdropping. The TSCM team, whose members have operational background in the security service as well as technical engineering background, deals with the threat in the most professional method.

On completion of the check, the client is provided with a detailed report on the check and its findings, including technical recommen-dations and general recommendations for reducing the client’s exposure to risks of eavesdropping.


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