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Vetting - Background check

Vetting - Background check


For many years Shafran has been developing and conducting “integrity checks,” and providing instruction on this subject, to organizations. The scope and depth of the check varies according to the degree of potential risk inherent in the position and are not necessarily based on the status and seniority of the position.

Integrity, the meaning of which encompasses moral values, the tendency to obey the law and comply with procedures, and adherence to a high degree of reliability, is important to the employer when evaluating the suitability of a job applicant. The “price of error” in hiring an unsuitable individual is liable to be inestimably higher than the benefit to be gained in immediate hiring at moments of urgent business need.

Shafran has five prominent advantages in dealing with integrity checks of job applicants:

  • Experience deriving from long years of service in the Israeli Security Agency, in the field of security vetting and evaluation of reliability.
  • Comprehension of the culture of the candidate’s environment, be they Israeli or non-Israeli, based on the background of many years of managing government intelligence and security systems in Israel and abroad.


  • Tailored levels of HR checking, from across-the-board screening against deception, theft and fraud to specific reliability checks for senior positions and sensitive posts.
  • Intelligence investigation and inquiry, as a way of life, coupled with proven ability to ensure information confidentiality. All information that reaches Shafran during the checks is strictly guarded and compartmentalized.
  • Professionalism deriving from the ability to bring concrete results. This background of dealing with people is composed of small details and acquired over long years of dealing with the human element. It involves experience in investigation, interrogation and questioning opposite skilled individuals in Israel and abroad.

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Personal vetting provides safety net!

Shafran has well-developed capability to perform advance checks, before the interview, in order to gain an understanding of the background of the person being checked. This unique preparation, before the interview stage, brings the applicant to a level of maximum openness with the interviewer.