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Risk Assessment Surveys

Risk Assessment Surveys


The field of security consulting is a cornerstone on which Shafran was founded, and throughout the years has constituted a central service of the company.


The extensive experience of Shafran’s consultants, their rich background in risk management through a variety of security events and their familiarity with technological innovations in the field, all these are fully reflected within the framework of the company’s security consulting activity.


The basis for all consulting in the realm of security is the risk assessment survey. The quality of the survey depends entirely on the team that performs it. A realistic assessment of the risks, and their adaptation to what is happening in the organization in question, are what make the difference.


After defining the risks to which the organization is exposed, the team conducting the survey must examine the actual situation and then propose the proper measures to be taken, taking into consideration both a view of what is needed and the test of cost-benefit, in order to enhance the level of security.



Shafran consultants are richly experienced in conducting surveys of this type and in the provision of security consulting services to dozens of organizations in both the government and the private sectors. Over the years Shafran has specialized in formulating solutions for physical and information security systems, loss reduction, economic security and anti terror solutions.


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Shafran’s activity in this area deals with both physical security and information security.