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 Facility Operational Files (FOF) and Operational Procedures Order (OPO)

Facility Operational Files (FOF) and Operational Procedures Order (OPO)

Shafran Consultancy & Management specializes in devising professional Facility Operational Files (FOF) for entities, institutions and organizations. This Operational file, along with Shafran's Operational Procedures Order (OPO) for emergency security act, commonly serve as vital foundation and basic support material for security zone planning and professional acquaintance, control and command of company's facilities, both by the facility CSO (Chief security Officer) and for Emergency Services in case of need.


Our Company enjoys years of experience within the Israel Security Agency, along with vast experience in formulating operation orders and updating of operational files for State and private facilities and constructions.


 If you don't yet have those files, you are invited to call us (+972-3-6361644), or to fill in your details, and we will contact you ASAP.  Do it for your own Company's safety. Confidentiality assured.







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