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Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Shafran develops competitive intelligence and conducts training on the subject. Shafran's activity in this field is focused on the objective of placing the client in a position of advantage. Shafran works with the client to produce maximum knowledge required, in a focused, pertinent manner and in accordance with the client’s marketing strategy.


Shafran works towards continuously extracting the accumulated knowledge of the company’s employees and cataloging it into the various segments required according to the collection plan. This plan stems from the company’s strategic marketing goals and is divided by the company's management into the short-term and the long-term targets. This activity takes place either at the client’s premises or at the Shafran offices.



Shafran has five prominent advantages in the field of competitive intelligence:


  • Experience deriving from long years of service in the Israeli government entities engaged in the field of intelligence, both within and outside Israel.
  • Intelligence as a way of life, detection of industrial espionage, professional knowledge and the experience in these fields make it possible to properly build a collection plan, layer upon layer, integrating the floating information (accumulated at the company) with complementary information obtained during the collection process.
  • The activity within the confines of the law, undertaken with strict attention to what is permitted and what is prohibited in this area, is a cornerstone of Shafran’s activity. The knowledge acquired in the government intelligence entities teaches how to maximize capabilities within the framework of the law, without harming the results.
  • Shafran and its employees are committed to maintaining client confidentiality and to complete commercial discretion.
  • Professionalism and the ability to bring concrete results in dealing with people. This ability is acquired in ongoing intelligence dealings opposite skilled  economic, corporate and private individuals in Israel and abroad.


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Shafran has well-developed capability in gathering information from open sources and analyzing it. This expertise, combined with analysis of the floating information at the company and integrated with covert information, makes it possible to advance goals skillfully and professionally.