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Instruction and training

Instruction and training

Shafran specializes in providing instruction and training services to companies, organizations, executives and functionaries, in relation with the broad occupation of security, protection and vetting. In this respect, Shafran provides the following instruction topics:

  Security and protection:
  • Spotting of security loopholes (physical and information related) in the organization.
  • The security managerial concept.
  • Proactive and preventive behavior measures in security, surveillance and information protection.
  • Instructing security directors within the fields of aviation, vessels and ports, executive protection, industrial plant and company safeguard.
  • Security guards' tactical training ans brain storming qualifications.
  • Managing of company's information security.
  • Dealing with emergency situations.
  • Unique banking security measures.
  • Preventive measures and pre-spotting of adversary's hostile activity, for travelling businessmen.
  • Identifying the adversary's wiretapping and monitoring.

Main clients: Diamond salespersons, who acquire knowledge and practice in spotting of adversary's surveillance, thus being able to avoid robbery. An example can be seen at the Israeli Diamond Industry website, through description of a Shafran course graduate, who managed to avoid robbery by recognizing hostile activity on time and avoiding it safely.



  • Intelligence handling of sources and objectives.
  • The managerial concept of intelligence.
  • The effective way for debriefing and drawing conclusions.
  • Tools for multitasking priorization.


  • The preferred way to do new and senior employees vetting.
  • Interrogation, investigation, questioning and interviewing - differences and skills.
  • Identifying reliability failures in an organization.


For further details, please call +972-3-6361644, or fill in your details, and we will contact you ASAP. Confidentiality assured.


Shafran's instruction subjects and methods are tailor made and are set along with the client in compliance with his needs. The trainees, managers and employees respectively, take their personal training and learn the relevant principals and ways to adapt, assimilate and use them correctly.


Shafran has long and accumulative experience in instructing security managers in companies and organizations in Israel and overseas, in institutional entities and state facilities, with private sector executives and high risk travelling businessmen. Instructions and guidance are executed by skilled professional experts, who have gained their experience during long service with the ISA (Israel Security Agency) and alongside commercial entities. Shafran's instructions are held in Hebrew, English, and additional languages and are adjusted to local and foreign participants alike.