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Business reliability check

Business reliability check

A business reliability check is an investigation whose purpose is to provide the customer with an acquaintanceship basis of the company or individual that is the subject of the investigation. The business reliability check ascertains whether the background and the business activity of the individual, or the company and its directors, could indicate a risk inherent in entering into a relationship with them.

The investigation includes a comprehensive search of open databases, check of legal databases, and identification of relevant details from restricted databases. The resulting report will include:

* Details of personal background.
* Public, business, and personal activity.

* Affiliated companies, shareholders, subsidiaries.

* Full check of image, background and reputation, including involvement in lawsuits.


The scope of the check, its contents, and mainly its focus, are coordinated with the client in advance.

An image investigation in the regular format is conducted within a short time and is intended to highlight the main information existing on the subject.


Thus the client receives, in one report, all the personal and business details about the subject of the check, background and scope of activity, extent and content of media mentions, legal background, and presentation of the risk (if any) that the client would face in pursuing a relationship with the individual or company in question.

Advance coordination with the client in all matters relating to the scope of the investigation and – mainly – its purpose, enable Shafran to perform a focused and pertinent check.


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