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Terror in Paris | Wed 25 Nov 2015

The last horrible terrorist attack in Paris was not aimed against Jewish institutions but we can learn from it.
Oded Raz, former Deputy Head of the Security Section at the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) commented on that issue while being interviewd by different TV channels.

One thing that deals with the basics of security is the fact that the terrorist who tried to enter the “Stade De France” was tracked by the security guard (a Muslim too) at the entrance, was not allowed to enter and decided to explode himself outside, thus saving lives of many.

This is the right time to expedite the process of arranging your firm's security. Please contact us at +972-3-6361644.



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New Shafran calendar until December 2016 | Thu 03 Sep 2015

It is customary for Shafran to publisize its yearly Hebrew calendar which looks 18 months ahead.

This calendar is very handy for Shafran's employees and customers alike.

Enjoy our calendar - you can download it here.


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Shafran on Wikileaks | Sun 13 Mar 2011

On November 29th, 2010, Shafran's Managing Director, Doron Shany, was interviewed on the Knesset TV channel, about Wikileaks (Hebrew):



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Isrotel Corporate salary accountant is suspected of major embezzlement | Mon 30 Aug 2010

Isrotel Corporate salary accountant is suspected of major embezzlement, estimated at roughly NIS 8 millions. The Corporate accountant is suspected of falsifying records and creating, almost uninterruptedly, fictitious paychecks to people who are not in fact employees of "Isrotel".
[Saturday, March 20, 2010. Hebrew summarized from 'Eilati']
Shafran, who has been conducting reliability checks for many years, can help you prevent incidents of this kind. Call us, and we would love to share our knowledge with you.

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Faked identity card, acquired license for firearms and worked as security officer | Wed 11 Aug 2010

The police recently realized how easy it is to fake documentation needed for firearms license issuance. A 28 year old Armenian who came to Israel a few years ago, faked identity card, acquired license for firearms and became security officer, working in the executive protection business.
Only recently, he was summoned to the police following an assault complaint filed by a woman and his fake identity was exposed.

[August 9&10, 2010. Hebrew summarized from 'Walla' and 'Israel Today'].


Shafran handles integrity checks for security recruits and employees in high risk positions. Why don't you call us on time?

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Publication in the Knesset web site discloses military secrets | Wed 28 Apr 2010

Some of Israel's most sensitive technological systems activated by its defense establishment were mistakenly exposed last year when the contents of a certain parliamentary debate found its way to the Knesset (Parliament)'s website. Knesset officials claimed to have drawn conclusions from that event, yet same failure seems to repeat itself when protocols of sensitive sub committees were put onto the same website without proper filtration just these past weeks, revealing names of senior employees within the intelligence community, details which are supposed to remain unrevealed in public [Wednesday, April 28, 2010. Hebrew summarized from 'Haaretz online'].

Shafran reduces the number of such incidents in companies, institutions and organizations while focusing on the human behavior factors which enable such events.

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Please rob me | Sun 07 Mar 2010

The amusing but lesson-teaching "Please rob me" website, offers its readers a listing of all those empty homes out there, whose owners have just left for vacation or for other reasons. The site cross-verifies this information from the different popular social websites thus facilitating potential robbers to locate their new targets easily. The website aims at raising companies' awareness,  provoking them to provide answers to online privacy related issues [Hebrew summerized from 'Calcalist' of Feb 22, 2010].
We at Shafran are able to share with you some other solutions we have, to prevent leakage of private or company information. Please try us.

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The March of Folly - 10 failures of industrial security | Mon 22 Feb 2010

Cleaning person "swiped" information, visitor "accidentally" entered the wrong office and sales manager whose social network profile gave away one redundant detail - A new study states that in 2009 the motivation of companies to steal information from competitors increased. Here are 10 tips to help you keep the information close to you.
[Saturday, February 6, 2010. Hebrew summarized from 'YNet Economy'].
Your company might be vulnerable to all these. You can prevent it by calling Shafran consultancy.

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In EMC Israel nobody knew about the new CEO's criminal record. | Wed 04 Nov 2009

EMC Israel, a subsidiary of the international data storage company EMC, was simply unaware that its chief executive Eyal Copitt had served a year in jail, from November 2002 to November 2003. Copitt was convicted of tax evasion of some NIS 5 million, and his violations were committed at a number of the 11 companies he had founded in the 1990s and the early 2000s.

Amazed? Why don't you let Shafran consult you in your Vetting procedures and avoid similar embarrassment?

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Looking for the next Madoff? | Wed 28 Oct 2009

The financial crisis exposed a wave of Ponzi schemes, securities fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, money laundering and making false filings. A new study shows that 0.25% of employees tend to embezzle at some point. Lately, there is a swift of multitude publications over this issue, such as Madoff or Stanford's cases and others, smaller in scale but no less disgracing or hurting in loss and damage.
[Tuesday, October 27, 2009. Hebrew summarized from 'Globes']
Your company might be vulnerable to fraud. You can prevent it by calling Shafran consultancy.

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