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Security Management


Numerous organizations place their trust in Shafran to manage their security systems, thus enjoying the benefits of their security being managed by a Security Officer assigned by Shafran who fully identifies with the needs of the client he is serving.

Shafran, whose main area of expertise is the management of security systems, constitutes a professional basis and support for the CSO and Security Officers it places at the various organizations. Shafran assists in planning the work of the Security Officer and in solving professional problems effectively, enabling the organization itself to carry on with its business and rely on a professional entity in the field of security and risk minimization.

Many companies that do not need a full-time Security Officer find in Shafran a professional source for security management in various part-time frameworks, while others, seeking flexibility in the volume of activity of the Security Officer, find a suitable solution by engaging the necessary manpower through Shafran.


The advantages:
* An experienced professional with the backing of a richly experienced professional entity.
** Flexibility of assignment, either on a full-time basis or in various part-time frameworks.
*** No employer-employee relationship exists between the client and the Security Officer.


**** Shafran headquarters is available to the organization’s management to render assistance in all areas of security and security related issues.
***** The organization is provided with a basket of solutions from a single entity: physical and information security, security engineering, competitive intelligence and more.


Numerous companies and organizations, in various lines of business such as infrastructures, banking, high-tech, finance, retail, communications and other services have found that using a security officer employed by Shafran is the better way to go.


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