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Information security

Information security

Information security is often perceived as “computer security" or "Communications network security". Actually, information leakage is performed in other ways as well, such as idle – or deliberate – chatter of employees, documents that get lost or are taken deliberately, eavesdropping on conversations, or in other ways that lead to the loss of valuable information.

An all-inclusive view of the field of information security must devote attention to the additional forms in which information is stored, both in documents and in the heads of employees of all levels. To secure knowledge and data, the rules of information security must provide base responses to all possible ways of leakage, and in each case must develop specific responses.

Shafran is expert in the development of this all-inclusive view.


One of the greatest problems in the implementation of information security (as in all areas of security) is the fact that implementation of security rules, without proper planning, creates difficulties in the day-to-day activity.


The Information Security Manager must find the path by which the information will be in the hands of those who need it but will not be accessible to those who do not – in other words, information must be accessible on a need-to-know basis.


Shafran focuses on defining the sensitive areas within the organization and providing base solutions for securing the sensitive data. Implementing the solutions is conducted in coordination with the employees and officers of the organization.


Shafran possesses the requisite knowledge, the experience and the expertise for establishing organizational awareness to information security through various tools, among them preliminary vetting of employees in key positions, sorting of the classified information, formulating the procedures, and training the employees at the various levels of the system.


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