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Security engineering

Security engineering

Advance planning of security means and systems can lead both to financial savings as well as to the fuller and more coordinated integration with the architect’s and other consultants’ plans. This, in turn, results in greater efficiency – both in the functioning of the physical security system and in the operative aspects once the project is up and running.

Shafran’s Engineering Department works closely with the project consultant team and brings with it the extensive experience it has accumulated in the establishment and operation of security setups and systems.

Shafran’s Planning and Engineering Department has the expertize in planning and establishing of security systems for facilities required to maintain varying levels of security and control.

The system planning activity engages in the following fields, among others:
  • Formulation of the overall security concept, encompassing the physical and electronic means (access control and alarm systems, CCTV) as well as the future manpower for operating them.
  • Advising the client, the architect and the other consultants, in the various fields of construction that could have implications on security as well as on safety.
  • Planning in detail the electronic and electromechanical systems.


  • Assistance in the physical architectural planning that touches on the performance and operative aspects, such as placement and functioning of critical rooms (computer rooms, communication rooms) and the planning of control rooms, reception counters, etc.
  • Coordination with the competent authorities and other relevant entities.

The great challenge in the planning of security systems is identification of the weak points and the main risks facing the project. These subjects vary from project to project, according to the fields of activity, population composition, site location, cost/benefit considerations, etc.

The proper analysis of these subjects will lead to better planning and, respectively, to better results – particularly from the cost/benefit aspects. The proper planning and analysis needs professional knowledge and comprehensive experience in engineering, security, security systems management, security personnel management and others.


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The Shafran team is rich in knowledge and experience garnered over more than 20 years, in all the areas mentioned.

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