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Shafran's Founders & Management

Shafran's Founders & Management


Reuven Hasak

One of the three founders of Shafran. Retired from the Israeli Security Agency as Deputy Director General. Former Managing Director of the Jerusalem Municipality.

During his 20 years in the ISA he was involved in designing the state security systems. Served many years as VP for Worldwide Security at NDS (then subsidiary of Cisco).

Graduate of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, in Urban Planning and of Harvard University Business School's Advanced Management Program.

Rafi Malka

One of the three founders of the company. Served for 20 years in the Israeli Security Agency. Retired as Director of Administration, Logistics and Human Resources Division. Formerly served as Director of the Operations Division and Director of the European Security Center, in charge of security of all Israeli assets in Europe (including airlines, merchant marine, embassies, consulates and public organizations).

Peleg Raday

One of the three founders of the company. Former senior officer of the Israeli Security Agency. Served as Director of El Al Israel Airlines security in France and headed the division responsible for security of all of Israel's embassies worldwide. Retired as the Director of the Intelligence Division of the ISA.

Graduate of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem in Business Administration.

Has thorough and intensive experience in all aspects of protective security, having gained his expertise in the State security system as well as the civilian and commercial security sectors.


Graduate of the National Security College.



Oded Raz - CEO

Oded Raz joined Shafran in 2013 as Executive VP security and protection, following 25 years of activity in the Israeli National array including senior functions in the Israel Security Agency (ISA). Served as Director of the European Security Center, in charge of security of all Israeli assets in Western Europe. Last position was the Deputy of the Security and Protection Division.

Mr. Raz holds a BA degree in History from Tel Aviv University and MA in Political Science with specialization in national security from Haifa University.

Gabriel Faincaig

Head of Engineering and the Security Engineering Dep. Joined Shafran in 2006.

Gabriel Faincaig is a Security Systems expert with vast experience in the design of complex systems in high profile facilities.

Holds a B.Sc degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Ben-Gurion University, and an MBA from Bar-Ilan University.