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Shafran Company

Shafran Company

Shafran is engaged in consulting, guidance and management of security systems and has been active on the local and international markets since 1987. The company specializes in the planning and implementation of security systems at organizations – an activity encompassing the fields of physical security, information security, setup of technical security systems, foiling of industrial espionage, business reliability of organizations, loss reduction, investigations, and competitive intelligence.


Shafran’s managers are veterans of the Israeli Security Agency, where they held top-level posts.


The company’s activity is characterized by high professional expertise, credibility, commitment and service, all with strict attention both to the interests of the client, and with absolute discretion.



Shafran’s capabilities in the international arena are reflected in the company’s recognition by Sibat - Defense Export and Defense Cooperation Division of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, by the ICA – Industrial Cooperation Authority of the Ministry of Industry & Trade, and by World Security Index which includes International Law Enforcement, Security and Defence sectors. Shafran was granted Planning Permission by the Ministry of Defence, registered with the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute and holds Security Export Lisence from the Defence Export Controls Division (DECD). 

Shafran provides services to numerous clients in the private, public and government sectors, all benefiting from Shafran team’s extensive experience and updatedness.


Shafran: More Than Thirty Years of Proven Professionalism